The company is founded by a Finnish couple from Porvoo: Hani and Nikko Olsson. They both are highly experienced in their own fields: wife in communications and husband in financing.  They have three lovely kids, two poodles and a pink house. Both founders have a rather rare first name: Hani meaning sweetheart (as in "honey") and Nikko meaning, well, nothing..

Hani Olsson

I am told to be an innovative communications mastermind with a strategic intent and a heart for branding, both from company and personal perspectives. The leadership tools close to me include employee advocacy, internal communications, social media and coaching. Hence, this era of quality content marketing suits me very well. I shine the most when thinking out of all the boxes you can imagine and combining fresh ideas with analytical thinking.

Email: hani.olsson(a)
Mobile: +358 500 51 90 60

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My passions:
- Employee Branding (meets employer branding)
- Training & Content Marketing
- Change Management and Process Development

My personality:
- Joyful
- Genuine
- Future-oriented

Nikko Olsson

Figures, reports and analyses come easily to me. I am at my best when streamlining e.g. reporting processes or analyzing business opportunities. I am happy for my wide experience in all kinds of companies. Financing is very different in a stock-listed company than in a small startup. Also different industries are familiar to me in terms of accounting and reporting: my experience in manufacturing has been very useful in services industries.

Email: nikko.olsson(a)
Mobile: +358 40 72 19 233

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My passions:
- Data analysis
- Bottleneck problem solving
- Business development

My personality:
- Kind
- Impulsive
- Realistic